Project results

By investing on interactive digital tools that engage the users, and the training of teachers and students upon their potential, the ‘i-School’ project becomes a part of a new age in educational practices and methods.


Online Course for Primary and Secondary School Teachers.

The Course will focus on equipping school teachers with skills and competencies on how to integrate heritage and culture in everyday school practices, as well as on presenting collaboration opportunities with cultural and creative institutions. It will take advantage of non-formal educational practices and existing digital tools and technologies. The content will be in multimedia form and context-free, meaning that it will be applicable in any school in Europe, along with any needed adaptations according to the school’s needs, or the local cultural heritage sites.

Cultural Heritage Toolkit

A Toolkit developed in collaboration with cultural institutions, which will consist of educational sessions regarding cultural heritage. It will be designed as supplemental material, for teachers of all disciplines to use as part of their subjects. The Toolkit’s activities will be possible to implement in class or at cultural sites.


E-Learning Platform

The platform will host all the educational materials created through-out the project and will allow participants to exchange ideas and opinions on the subject. It will be accompanied with a User Manual, which will enlighten users on proper utilization. Full and free access is guaranteed, with the possibility to add more languages in the future.

Digital Game “H-Guardians”

A web-based interactive game named “H-Guardians” is developed at this stage, as a way to engage teachers and students on the subject. It will include an exciting quest-based system through which players will progress through the game and effectively learn about cultural heritage. A User Guide will be included, to assist teachers on the essentials of the gameplay.