Our first online meeting – i-School in action!

And there we were. So many different people, inside and outside, coming together for the first time, with our goal being to create a common path. Well, to be honest, some of them already knew each other, but still, as part of a new team, everyone got to introduce themselves as if we were perfect strangers!

So, after resolving our technical issues, made sure we looked good on screen, and the essential ‘hello’s and ‘how are you’s were dropped, the ice broke, and we were ready to cut to the chase: the first ‘i-School’ Project online meeting was finally rolling!

The meeting took place on 21.03.2022, and everything was discussed; from the simplest point to the most complex factors of the project, with each partner speaking their voice, and expressing their thoughts, worries, and suggestions. European Cultural Heritage and its integration in the educational process via digital tools. Partners analyzed the project’s aspects in detail, unfolding their ideas for the activities that are to follow in the upcoming months, carving the project’s roadmap on the process. Clear goals and aims were set, together with the ways that these will come to life and, of course, specifying the responsible ends for each. As the time passed, a concrete framework was beginning to take shape.

In a nutshell, project partners discussed about:

  • The project’s aims
  • The project’s results
  • The implementation activities
  • The timeline of the project

After a few hours, and upon an agreement, which was sealed by the shaking of our digital hands, the project’s framework was clear, and everybody was ready to begin. We also captured one of the final moments of our meeting; we were so happy as you can see!

Partners, after setting their next steps, agreed that the main goal, is the high quality of the project’s results and scheduled their Kick-off meeting on May 12th, 2022, in Cyprus.

Stay tuned for more info and news!