i-School – Online Course for Primary and Secondary School Teachers

The project partnership will foster the dissemination of a new cultural awareness by producing innovative material for the integration of cultural heritage in school education. Therefore,  the i-School project partnership, will focus its efforts on the creation of the i-School – Online Course for Primary and Secondary School Teachers.

This course contributes to the recognition of the social and educational value of the European cultural heritage, with the primary aim of promoting basic skills and competencies, regarding cultural heritage, of teachers, increasing opportunities for collaborative activities with cultural and creative institutions.

The development of this result will lead to the creation of an e-learning online course in multimedia form, that will include: theory, audio content, video content, OER, assessment exercises, and much more! Moreover, the contents and materials that will be offered on the platform, will cover the following topics:

  • Introducing the pedagogical value of Cultural Heritage;
  • Use of non-formal and digital resources and tools (such as AR) in the classroom;
  • Multisensory teaching and approach to cultural heritage in primary and secondary schools;
  • Empowering cross-sectoral collaboration with creative and cultural institutions.

The potential of this course will establish a very strong relationship between didactics, teaching, and cultural heritage by introducing students, of primary and secondary schools, to the values and importance of cultural heritage. In addition, it shall provide teachers with a solid basis regarding the above mentioned topics. An important advantage of this new resource, will be its flexibility in being able to be applied freely in any school in Europe, allowing teachers to adapt the materials based on their school/classroom’s needs. Teachers will benefit from a guide on how to integrate local and European cultural heritage into their teaching practices, useful for all schools in Europe. The adaptability of the course will allow teachers to meet all the needs and peculiarities of their pupils.