i-School Staff Training Event

It is finally here!

Our project’s joint-staff training event it is finally happening from the 29th of May to the 2nd of June, in the beautiful island of Cyprus. It will last five (5) full working days and the consortium will be discussing all the Project’s Result produced so far. Along with the partners participating in the project, on the Staff Training event will participate educators, teachers, trainers and experts on the topics of the project, from all partners’ countries.

The goals of C1 will be to:

  1. Introduce participants to the projects, its cope, and elaborated or anticipated results
  2. Support participants in developing important skills and competences relevant to cultural heritage, non-formal methodologies, games and interactive activities that can be applied inside and outside school settings
  3. Collect and discuss participants’ experiences, as well as training needs, in order to foster the exchange of good practices and locate common educational gaps.
  4. Encourage participants to disseminate information about the project to their peers and networks, at local, national and EU levels.

The main goal is for the participants to become familiar with the project philosophy and learn how to use the project results, acquire valuable transferable skills through formal and non-formal activities, and create new collaborations. In this way, participants will be considered ambassadors of the project and its results, especially to their peers and individuals working with students. Eventually, the implementation of the piloting phase, with a bigger number of teachers, experts and students.

Stay tuned for all the updates and activities related to our project’s joint-staff training event!