Our 3rd TPM in Patras – Greece

📢 We are excited to share with you the highlights of our recent meeting in Patras, Greece, where we gathered to advance the i-SCHOOL project’s goal of increasing students’ awareness of cultural heritage through digital tools and non-formal education methods! Our partners from p-consulting, Eurosuccess Consulting, and BOCCF presented their progress and plans for the project, which included several exciting initiatives:

👨‍🏫 The i-SCHOOL Online Course for Primary and Secondary School Teachers, which aims to provide educators with the knowledge, skills, and resources to integrate cultural heritage topics into their curricula using digital tools and innovative pedagogies. The course is being developed in collaboration with teachers and experts from different countries and will be available in several languages.

🎓 The PR2 i-School Cultural Heritage Toolkit, which consists of a series of interactive and engaging sessions that can be used by teachers, trainers, and youth workers to facilitate learning about cultural heritage in non-formal settings. The toolkit is being designed to be adaptable to different contexts and audiences and will be tested and evaluated in several countries. 

👩‍💻 The PR3 E-learning platform, which will host the i-SCHOOL Online Course and other training materials, as well as provide a space for collaboration, feedback, and support among the project partners and stakeholders. The platform is being developed with user-friendliness, accessibility, and interactivity in mind and will be available for free to anyone interested in cultural heritage education.

🎮 The ‘Cultural Warriors’ digital game, which is being developed as a fun and engaging way for young people to learn about cultural heritage while playing and competing with each other. The game will be based on real-life cultural heritage sites and stories and will be designed to foster teamwork, creativity, and critical thinking. 

During the meeting, we also had fruitful discussions about quality control, monitoring, and evaluation, as well as upcoming activities and deadlines. We are proud of the progress we have made so far and grateful for the dedication and expertise of our partners and stakeholders. 

We believe that i-SCHOOL has the potential to make a positive impact on the way we teach and learn about cultural heritage in Europe and beyond. Stay tuned for more updates and outcomes from i-SCHOOL!