i-SCHOOL Staff Training- C1 Activity

An important milestone for the project’s implementation was the joint-staff training event which took place in Cyprus between 29th of May until the 2nd of June 2023 at the premises of the Greek School of Olympion (Cyprus) with the support of G.G. EUROSUCCESS CONSULTING LIMITED. The 12 trainees, mainly educators, teachers, trainers and experts on the topics of the project had the opportunity to become familiar with the project philosophy and learn how to use the project results, acquire valuable transferable skills through formal and non-formal activities, and create new collaborations.

The training followed a diverse set of activities, based on the following agenda: The first day of the training focused on welcoming the participants and implementing ice-breaking activities, to get to know each other and achieve familiarization between the participants and the hosting country. The participants introduced to the i-SCHOOL project, including its scope and anticipated results; also, the participants discussed issues of cultural heritage in school settings, various barriers they face in their countries to incorporate cultural heritage in their curriculum, and good practices already being implemented.

The second and third day were dedicated to implementing interactive activities deriving from the developed PRs. The project partners selected activities from the Online Course and Interactive Toolkit, in order to apply and test them with the participants. The participants became more prepared to act as multipliers transferring their knowledge through the upcoming pilot activities in all project countries. During the 4th day, the participants engaged in more interactive activities deriving from PR1 and PR2. Moreover, the hosting organization arranged visits to cultural centers, to discover good practices at a national level regarding cultural heritage and how it can be applied in school settings. The last day of the activity was dedicated to the evaluation of the training activity.

That’s how all the participants considered ambassadors of the project and its results, especially to their peers and individuals working with students.

Stay tuned for all the updates and activities related to our project’s progress and implementation.

For further information on i-SCHOOL, please visit: https://ischoolproject.eu/about/