i-SCHOOL – Press Release

An important distinction for Cyprus and G.G. EUROSUCCESS CONSULTING LIMITED in the role of the project coordinator is the Erasmus+ program entitled: “Increasing Students’ Awareness on Cultural Heritage (through Digital Tools and NFE Methods” (i-SCHOOL) 2021-1-CY01-KA220- SCH-000032562 which secured funding of EUR 219690.0.

Partners of the program are the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation (Cyprus), p-consulting.gr – M. Skoulidi & SIA E.E. (Greece), Antalya Provincial Directorate for National Education – Antalya Il Milli Egitim Mudurlugu (Turkey), Patrizio Paoletti Foundation – ASSISI INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL + FONDAZIONE PATRIZIO PAOLETTI PER LO SVILUPPO E LA COMUNICAZIONE (Italy) and the Greek School of Olympion (Cyprus).

The i-SCHOOL project contributes to the wider recognition of the social and educational value of European cultural heritage by setting, as a primary goal, to foster the knowledge and increase awareness of teachers and students regarding cultural heritage through formal and non-formal settings. Findings from the 2017 Special Eurobarometer report on cultural heritage that was the first EU-wide survey on the topic, revealed that in Cyprus, Greece, Italy and Turkey, between 88% and 96% of the respondents believe that cultural heritage has a crucial role to play in education and should be taught in schools; 44% of all respondents consider that schools should do more to protect Europe’s cultural heritage. However, there is a lack of official European surveys and statistics targeted at students’ appreciation and participation in sites of cultural interest, something that highlights the necessity for developing centralized initiatives and practices for actively engaging schools in cultural heritage. The partnership consists of six organizations from five Mediterranean and South European countries (Cyprus, Greece, Italy and Spain). The partners and the project countries were involved in the proposal because it was identified that they, their networks, collaborators and end-users face similar challenges and needs and have similar perceptions of the impact of cultural heritage on school education.

The project aims to address these needs directly and provide innovative, complementary and diverse material in integrating cultural heritage in school education. It will also strengthen the capacity of the partner organisations on promoting cultural heritage through digital tools in schools. The aim of the project is to increase primary and secondary school teachers’ capacity in integrating cultural heritage for the development of creative teaching practices through an interdisciplinary approach and the use of digital technology as well as NFE methods. The project will lead the development of a tailor-made educational programme suitable both for teachers and students aged 10-15, which will include an Online Course with digital and non-digital resources, an eLearning platform, a Cultural Heritage Toolkit with class sessions and an innovative Digital Educational Game.

The Kick off meeting (hybrid) for the program took place on 12th -13th  of May 2022 at the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation.

For further information on i-SCHOOL, please visit: https://ischoolproject.eu/about/