What is i-School – Cultural Heritage in education

The Project

Well, it cannot be denied that past always carries a burden for future generations. Its ways, traditions, beliefs and restitutions, things that people often  fight off, in order to progress and evolve. What is also true however, is that our predecessors imagined and ‘gave birth’ to concepts, ideas, and ways, which we still live by; all of which constitute our values and principles, and in one way or the other, were given life, through philosophy, music, and art, even architecture. Back to present, and an extraordinary opportunity appears: the integration of cultural heritage in education through creative digital tools, certain to empower educators and hook young students on the subject.

Civilization and progress are strongly connected to the perception of cultural heritage, and the perseverance of its values to today’s societies. The same opinion comes from European citizens, through relevant conducted researches (2017 Special Eurobarometer report on cultural heritage). And what better way to build on that concept, if not through children’s education. Towards that cause, the i-School project was inspired and created, particularly focusing on integration of cultural heritage in primary and secondary schools.

The i-School project aims to build on educators’ competences on integrating cultural heritage matters in the educational procedure, as well as engage students on the subject, by developing courses and innovative digital tools. The project will not be strictly applied on the premises of the school, physical or conceivable, but will rather focus on developing a network with cultural institutions (museums, archaeological sites, national parks, etc.), in order to produce a holistic and engaging result.

The Results of the i-School Project

The project will create:

  1. An Online Course for Primary and Secondary School Teachers, focusing on teachers’ skills and competencies on how to integrate heritage and culture in everyday school practices, as well as on collaboration opportunities with cultural and creative institutions.
  2. A Cultural Heritage Toolkit consisting of educational sessions regarding cultural heritage, applicable either in class, or at cultural sites.
  3. An E-Learning Platform, which will host all the educational materials produced.
  4. Digital Game “H-Guardians”: A web-based interactive game as a way to engage teachers and students on the subject.


The Target Groups

The project is addressed to:

  • Primary and secondary school teachers
  • Primary and secondary school students (10-15 years old)
  • Primary and Secondary Schools (private and public)
  • Creative and cultural institutions (e.g., museums, galleries, archaeological sites, monuments, national parks, etc.)
  • Ministry officials (Ministries of Education, Pedagogical Institutes, etc.)
  • Trainers and other professional educators
  • Youth NGOs and youth workers working in the field of culture and cultural education
  • Any other kind of institutions/actors in the field of cultural heritage

The Partners

  1. EUROSUCCESS – G.G. EuroSuccess Consulting Limited, Cyprus
  2. BOCCF – Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation, Cyprus
  3. p-consulting.gr – M. Skoulidi & SIA E.E., Greece
  4. Antalya Provincial Directorate for National Education – Antalya Il Milli Egitim Mudurlugu, Turkey
  6. Olympion – Cyprus

More info and news are on the way!

Make sure you stay tuned!